About Us


Advertising on Radio, one of the most effective electronic media has been proven the most convent means of spreading information or promoting a product especially for the sectors where other means can find appear. A radio station with higher transmission power provides best result in output of advertising by reaching a larger Masson the road or at home at a very affordable price with respect to transceiver equipment that is a transistor Radio set. Since the initiation of our broadcasting, we have received a huge response from more than 50 millions listeners from across the region covered by our transmission and complaint, that while we remained ON-AIR our overwhelming transmission suppressed all. The rest of the signal forms the neighboring radio stations. Good news for our patrons like yourself. We are the only Radio station in parsa district till date and static’s also available within one month. For the first time in the history of the world we have started broadcasting in Bhojpuri language, Nepali, Hindi, which is the local language of mid-terai. We broadcast for 18 hours a day beginning from 6.00 AM to 12.00 pm.

            The daily transmission has been categorized into various category of non formal program music. Most impotally, Radio Bindas 94.8 MHz will always advocate for trade and economy, human, rights, pluralism, good governance and democracy in the country. Our programs are designed in par with the demand of our Audience and this makes our radio different from the others. We have a team of very skilled and trained presenters who arte idols of amusement and seriousness in context to the delivery mostly demanded by he market.

We present out tariff to promote your brand, product and services or any type or information through our station we would glad to acknowledge your interest. Attached here with are our coverage Area and tariff.